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So what is counselling and how can it help? Well, life can feel difficult and often comes with bumps in the road. Counselling offers you the time and space to explore anything which may be bothering you or holding you back in life. It is a safe confidential space where you will not be judged but, accepted for who you are.

Counselling can assist with life changing events such as bereavement and loss, pregnancy, divorce, relationship breakdown, midlife issues, changes to physical health.

Counselling can provide support for people who are suffering from a range of emotional difficulties such as; anxiety, depression, low self esteem & stress.

Counselling can assist you to come to terms with events which, have been traumatic (past or present) such as being in or witnessing a traumatic incident, abuse, neglect & bullying.

Many people find it hard to talk about how they are feeling with loved ones and friends and often suffer alone through fear of burdening others or being judged.

Counselling can be a way of exploring your emotions without the fear of burdening someone else or being judged. It may be that you are not feeling yourself, could feel lost or stuck but, cannot put your finger on what is wrong, together counselling we could explore this.

Areas of Counselling I have experience with:

Affairs & Betrayal
Workplace Bullying
Domestic Abuse
Physical Health
Low Self Esteem
Self Harm

Physical Abuse
Separation & Divorce
Work Related Stress
Anger Management

Emotional Abuse
Relationship Issues
Substance Misuse
Sexual abuse
Mental Health
Suicidal Thoughts
Complex Trauma/ Trauma

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

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