About Me

I have worked in the adult helping professions for over 15 years spending a significant amount of this working with people who became involved in the Criminal Justice System. My experience is vast, but I have specialised in substance misuse, mental health and domestic abuse within an individual and group setting. A lot of my work has been located in inner city London and has afforded me an opportunity to work with diverse communities.

I qualified as a Counsellor in 2011 and I currently offer counselling to adults and couples. In addition I am a qualified and experienced group work facilitator and national trainer. I currently facilitate training to health care professionals and lecture annually with my colleagues on a doctorate course.

I am an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. This basically means that I have an approach based on not just one theory, but an integration of theories that allows me to work with the uniqueness of each client, offering counselling that suits your needs within the therapeutic relationship.

The core of my philosophy is underpinned by relational theory, humanism and psychodynamic approaches. As a relational counsellor, I believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and believe that this is where the work between counsellor-client takes place.

Nicola Swales - Counselling London Liverpool Street and Sawbridgeworth

Humanism believes in the strengths and essential goodness of each individual and is about providing a therapeutic space and relationship without judgement. I believe that in all relationships attachment is an important aspect and I draw from psychodynamic theory to see how aspects of the past can inform how we relate to others and situations in the present.

I have, what I refer to as, specific interventions I am able to offer. For example, if there is a specific need such as addiction or anger management, it may be useful for me to draw on a specific theory such as CBT or Mindfulness techniques to enable you to build up tools to empower you to cope and manage. I would use specific interventions in a relational way and seek to help you wonder about the origins of the problem, not just focus on management.

Within my philosophy I do not just work with the mind, but the whole self. This means I work therapeutically with the mind and body, focusing on the communication and messages that we hold. Our bodies can communicate the difficulties that we sometimes encounter in life and in many ways tells our story and the aspects that are not always known to us consciously.

I consider myself to be a warm, authentic, down to earth person who has a passion for helping others to discover the aspects of themselves that can facilitate growth and change.